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Wells County Library Website Re-Design

Wells County Library Website Re-Design Project Overview: Wells County Library has locations in Bluffton and Ossian, and offers a wide variety of books, media, and community programs. The library’s website was lacking in several key areas that made updating and maintaining their information difficult. The website was often offline and inaccessible, and adding or editing website content required extensive employee training. The website also lacked mobile-friendly design when accessed on tablets and mobile phones. Solution: We worked with the Wells County Library to address the issues of stability, usability, and design. By moving the website under ITI’s hosting services, we’ve
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The Importance of Understanding Web Security

The Importance of Understanding Web Security If your WordPress site is hacked, it could cause serious damage and/or repercussions to the revenue of your business and your company’s reputation. In today’s online-centric world, hackers can steal customer and/or employee information, passwords, install and/or distribute malicious software to your users or directly on your company network. A very serious form of malware could even put you in a position of having to pay a “ransom” to hackers in order to regain access to your site (this, ironically enough, is known as ransomware). Google is looking to combat this problem by creating
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SSL Certificate Benefits

Having an SSL Certificate Benefits SEO Google has officially announced that having an SSL Certificate for your website will help it rank better within organic search results. Google says that having an SSL Certificate for your website will give it a small ranking benefit.  At the moment, it won’t give you a huge advantage over your non-secure competition but in the future Google will entertain the idea of giving secure website a greater ranking boosts as more sites adopt HTTPS. Why Does Google Care About SSL Certificates? Google has become a huge internet authority. They’re taking this opportunity to convince
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