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The Importance of Understanding Web Security

The Importance of Understanding Web Security If your WordPress site is hacked, it could cause serious damage and/or repercussions to the revenue of your business and your company’s reputation. In today’s online-centric world, hackers can steal customer and/or employee information, passwords, install and/or distribute malicious software to your users or directly on your company network. A very serious form of malware could even put you in a position of having to pay a “ransom” to hackers in order to regain access to your site (this, ironically enough, is known as ransomware). Google is looking to combat this problem by creating
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Google Will Mark All HTTP Websites “Not Secure” In July

Google Will Mark All HTTP Websites “Not Secure” In July Google will release Chrome 68 in July, and if your site does not have SSL installed, your site will be marked as “Not Secure.” The tech and web giant pushed the date back a couple of times trying to avoid the massive disruption that will occur when websites start getting labeled, “Not Secure,” but the time is now for all websites to migrate to HTTPS. Google and the rest of the browsers have been working on this for a long time. Last year Google and Mozilla began the push towards
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Mobile Sites and Responsive Sites

Mobile Sites and Responsive Sites First let’s discuss the difference between mobile sites and responsive sites. A mobile website is a website that is specifically design for mobile phones. It tends to contain less pages than the main site and usually offers resources specific to someone who is on the go. This visitor is most likely looking to find your location or phone number. They may also be interested in your products and services so don’t limit the contents of your mobile site to just a phone number and contact info. Some businesses prefer to have a mobile landing page along with
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