Mobile Sites and Responsive Sites

First let’s discuss the difference between mobile sites and responsive sites.

A mobile website is a website that is specifically design for mobile phones. It tends to contain less pages than the main site and usually offers resources specific to someone who is on the go. This visitor is most likely looking to find your location or phone number. They may also be interested in your products and services so don’t limit the contents of your mobile site to just a phone number and contact info. Some businesses prefer to have a mobile landing page along with there website, responsive or not.

A responsive site is a single website that appears differently to each visitor based on the size of the device they’re using. During the development of a responsive website, specific rules are written that say ‘if the screen is less than X, display these elements this way’. The key thing to keep in mind with a responsive website is that elements can change size, get replaced, moved to another location of the page, or be removed altogether, all dependent on the size of the visitors screen. For example, a large sliding banner looks great in a desktop computer, but takes up far too much space on a mobile site. With a responsive site this sliding banner will be resized accordingly so it will not dominate the entire screen.

Responsive websites are able to offer everything that a separate mobile site can offer and so much more. The time it takes to make a website responsive is equal to the amount of time it would take to develop a mobile website. Furthermore, it is less time consuming to maintain a single responsive site than it is to develop a full website and a mobile website.

I prefer responsive over mobile, simply because the amount of work involved is practically the same and you can have a site that looks great on any platform. Adding a mobile landing page is recommended to any site to maximize traffic.

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