Mobilegeddon…Is your site ready?

On April 21, 2015, Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that’s designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. When you search Google on a mobile device, any website that is not mobile-friendly will be harder to find.

One of the best ways to prepare is to test that Google considers your web pages to be mobile-friendly by using its Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This tool will let you know what item(s) that may need to be addressed for your site no to lose it’s current rankings.

Around 30% of all web traffic now originates on a mobile device rather than a desktop machine, with many sources predicting that mobile internet use will eventually overtake desktop use.

As mobile browsing becomes more common, Google is trying to ensure that its search engine continues to find sites that are relevant to its users. So this change is essentially about maintaining the quality of Google’s search results.

But because the mobile test is design related rather than content related, it also means that one site can potentially be ranked more highly than another even if its content is less relevant.

Organizations with older websites, or those which have not been designed to be mobile friendly, may find that making their web sites mobile friendly is not a trivial undertaking.

For many, this will mean making a decision between spending money on upgrading the web site, or suffering a lower page rank on Google.

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