The Importance of Understanding Web Security

If your WordPress site is hacked, it could cause serious damage and/or repercussions to the revenue of your business and your company’s reputation. In today’s online-centric world, hackers can steal customer and/or employee information, passwords, install and/or distribute malicious software to your users or directly on your company network. A very serious form of malware could even put you in a position of having to pay a “ransom” to hackers in order to regain access to your site (this, ironically enough, is known as ransomware).

Google is looking to combat this problem by creating an entirely encrypted web experience. Their updates and expectations concerning SSL certificates for all websites is their next major step in making that a reality. How do they back this up? In 2016, Google reported that more than 50 million website users were warned about a site that they were visiting containing malware or possibly being able to steal their information. On top of that, Google also blacklisted around 20 million sites for malware and around 50 million sites for phishing each week.

So while some might see Google’s latest update as a nuisance, business owners should applaud their efforts to create a more secure web experience. If you are a business owner with a presence on the web, it is your responsibility to pay extra attention to the security of your WordPress site.