Web Hosting

When choosing a website hosting service, the most important factors are security and reliability. As a website owner, knowing that your site is safe from security threats and always reachable is a huge weight off your shoulders. Other web hosting services like GoDaddy will place your website on crowded servers, constantly competing for resources. At ITI, every website we develop is offered hosting through our secure VPS hosting services. Our hosting guarantees that you’ll have a fast, secure, and reliable website with 99.9% uptime.

All our web hosting clients receive the following benefits:



  • In order to keep you online, our hosting operates over multiple top tier bandwidth providers. In the event one provider goes down, our smart routing technology will automatically switch providers to keep your website accessible.
  • Each of our websites receive automatic backups each week. No matter what happens, your site can always be easily restored and be back online in no time.


  • All our websites offer SSL encryption certificates that can be purchased for a low annual fee. Having SSL encryption means that all back-and-forth communication on your website will be encrypted, and your private information will remain secure.


  • All our hosting servers operate on Solid State Drives (SSD), resulting in vastly superior read/write speeds and improved uptime compared to traditional hard disk drives. The added speed means that your website content can be delivered faster and be more reliable for your customers.
  • Each of our VPS servers are engineered with enterprise-quality, high-performance hardware, and are powered by Intel Xeon processors to keep your websites moving at lightning speed.

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