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SSL Certificate Benefits

Having an SSL Certificate Benefits SEO Google has officially announced that having an SSL Certificate for your website will help it rank better within organic search results. Google says that having an SSL Certificate for your website will give it a small ranking benefit.  At the moment, it won’t give you a huge advantage over your non-secure competition but in the future Google will entertain the idea of giving secure website a greater ranking boosts as more sites adopt HTTPS. Why Does Google Care About SSL Certificates? Google has become a huge internet authority. They’re taking this opportunity to convince
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Mobile Sites and Responsive Sites

Mobile Sites and Responsive Sites First let’s discuss the difference between mobile sites and responsive sites. A mobile website is a website that is specifically design for mobile phones. It tends to contain less pages than the main site and usually offers resources specific to someone who is on the go. This visitor is most likely looking to find your location or phone number. They may also be interested in your products and services so don’t limit the contents of your mobile site to just a phone number and contact info. Some businesses prefer to have a mobile landing page along with
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