AstroStart Remote Vehicle Starters

remote startersHave your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Let ITI professionally install a top-brand remote starter in your car today. Here at ITI we recommend AstroStart® for your remote start needs.

AstroStart® remote vehicle starters and security systems are designed for convenience, comfort and security – developed first and foremost to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Safe and easy to use, these products are engineered to provide years of reliable trouble free service.

ITI will expertly install a system starting at $199 (3X lock start on select vehicles). Other systems start at $299.99 (plus tax). That is installed with parts and labor included. We even install SmartStart mobile phone systems!


  • Remote transmitters with up to 1-mile range*
  • Engine start/stop and continuous mode offering start, stop, continuous mode and start confirmation on horn on 2nd press of the button once already started
  • Reset run time by remote transmitter
  • Gas, diesel and hybrid engines compatible

* One Mile Range: Range based on line-of-sight unobstructed testing under ideal conditions. Actual range will vary due to local conditions including, but not limited to, environment, terrain, physical obstructions, vehicle location and orientation, interference and other possible impediments.

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