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residential securityFor parents, homeowners, pet owners and caregivers ITI has the instant wireless video monitoring solution that provides a much-needed extra pair of eyes (or more), delivering the confidence you seek to connect and monitor the most important things in your busy lives, without being tethered. ITI can put you in control, connecting you to multiple rooms with one quick view. Giving you the confidence to go about your busy day and still being able to keep a vigilant eye on all you hold dear.


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Affordable security for your home

Don’t leave your home’s security to chance. Our home monitoring system provides ultimate coverage at an affordable price, allowing you to monitor and protect your home, family, and property.

Outdoor cameras with motion

A perfect solution for your home security needs, our indoor and outdoor wireless cameras are up in a snap, with no video cables and no painful set-up woes to worry about. Featuring long-range secure wireless communication, an exclusive built-in automatic infrared camera lens filter with accurate color reproduction night vision, and advanced PIR motion sensors, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Security FAQ’s

Is there a minimum contract agreement or equipment lease fee?

No. You purchase the equipment at the end of the installation and its yours for life. There is no leasing of the equipment, so you will not have to hassle of returning any of your equipment. Our monitoring fees are only applicable if you decide to have central station reporting, and are only $15 a month! There is no minimum number of months, cancel anytime!

Will I have to deal with foreign entities for technical support on my system?

No. ITI does use an outside company for all security monitoring, but your questions, concerns and maintenance are handled locally by ITI.   There is only one phone call to make, making it easy on you to get your problems and concerns handled quickly and efficiently.

What other technologies should I be considering besides a burglary alarm system?

Recent advances have made sophisticated security systems that include environmental detection devices (high water, temperature, smoke, CO), video surveillance and even home automation very affordable.

Can ITI provide proof of my alarm system to my insurance agency?

Yes. Providing a certificate of installation, you may be eligible for a discount with your insurance agency.

Does ITI systems have advanced safety features to protect my family, home, or business?

Thieves are unfortunately savvy to many basic security features. We offer a variety of options to keep you connected to your security system for 24/7 peace of mind!

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