Professional PC Repair

You’ve got about a million pop ups a day, and now you are trying to figure out whether to junk your computer or to have it wiped. Have no fear, there may be a better solution. Here at ITI we pride ourselves in our quick and professional Virus/Mal-ware cleanup process. We can have your computer repaired and back to you in no time at all. For those sticky situations where various components have died or stopped working, we have the parts in stock to get you back up and running in no time flat.

Computer Repair Rates

• Diagnostic Fee
• Will Contact w/ Estimate

• Small Fixes
• Disk Repair & Optimization
• Standard Updates

• Major Viruses
• OS Installs
• Full Optimization


Our team has developed a world-class virus removal process that rivals all Anti-Virus software on the market. With most problems, when we are done with your PC, it will be back to the way it was before that terrible virus. We also offer the most highly acclaimed software: Vipre Antivirus, for protecting you through the long haul of everyday work.

PC Cleanup and Speedup

Is your computer seeming sluggish? If you have to go make coffee in the morning while you wait for your computer to ‘boot’ up, then it may be time to speed up your computer. Here at ITI we know when a computer is slow due to excessive programs or hardware limitations. We are able to diagnose and quote what you need in a short amount of time.

Hardware Upgrades

As Operating Systems and software continue to evolve and expand, they require more and more powerful computers. If your machine is outdated, it may not need to be replaced. Sometimes upgrading a machine’s hardware is a very simple and inexpensive fix. We have a plethora of options for upgrading your machine, from memory and processor upgrades, to solid state drive and hard drive upgrades.