cargo trailer security system

Fox Contractors Corp. Trailer Security Upgrade

Project Overview:

Fox Contractors Corp. is an Indiana-based earthmoving and underground utility contractor that specializes in heavy highway, public works, and commercial and industrial site development.

Fox Contractors Corp. reached out to ITI needing security enhancements for their Sure-Trac enclosed cargo trailers as they had been experiencing security issues.


ITI outfitted each trailer with its own security and alarm system. The system includes an inside camera, inside motion detector and inside and outer siren and strobe light when the system is triggered. Each trailer also has vibration sensors that detect vibrations and shockwaves associated with break-ins.

Each security system is powered and trickle-charged via solar panels, thus allowing the system to work anyplace, no matter where the trailer has been dropped. The alarm system is also controlled by a remote key fob, making it easy and convenient to arm and disarm.

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Services Provided:

  • Commercial Security
  • Custom Security
trailer motion security sensor
trailer strobe security light
door contacts for security system
solar charged security system