Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance is a service that we offer because most of our clients find it is less of a hassle to have us perform their web updates than hiring an employee to try and maintain them. Also it is less time consuming and more productive to have ITI take care of your site updates.

We offer standard training with such software as WordPress to enable our clients to make simple updates to their site. We even update sites that we do not host and are developed in other formats.

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Monthly Maintenance Plan

Does your website have a blog, news feed, or photo gallery that requires regular updates? Do you want to rest easy, knowing that your website has the latest security and software updates? With ITI’s monthly maintenance plan, we manage the day-to-day operations of your website and let you focus on your business. Our monthly maintenance plan features several benefits to help keep your website current and secure.

What Does This Plan Include?

Weekly Site Updates

WordPress is a highly popular and extensible platform, and with that comes the need for frequent updates to maintain features and security. Each week we check to update both the WordPress core, as well as the plugins and the theme of the website. We check that the updates are fully compatible and safe and does not produce any error or incompatibility when updating them.

Recovering Your Website In Case of Hacking

Have you been hacked? We will restore the last backup (the most stable) and you can continue working with your website. There is no fee for backup restoration if you are enrolled in this maintenance plan.

Monthly Traffic Reports

Monthly Traffic Reports from ITI let you see how many visits are made to your site each month, and shows comparisons to previous data to give you a sense of future projections.

1 Hour of Monthly Maintenance

Your monthly maintenance time is ideal for updating content on your website, such as blog or news sections, picture galleries, banner images, or many other types of content changes. You may supply the updated content yourself, or in many cases have ITI create or update the content for you.

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SEO Services

Are you a business looking to drive sales on your e-commerce website? Do you own a personal website or blog and want to increase your exposure? Let ITI help you achieve your goals with our selection of SEO services. From optimizing your website content to pay-to-click advertising campaigns, ITI can help you increase your website traffic and get noticed. Our SEO Services include:

SEO Keyword Research

In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to anticipate your customer’s needs and make it easy for them to find you. This starts with generating a list of keywords that are important to your business, and structuring your website content around them. ITI researches industries and the competition to generate a list of keywords that are most important to you.

Content Optimization

To increase your website’s traffic, your content should use keywords, important links, and meta information as often and efficiently as possible. ITI can review your website and make these crucial changes for you. When your website is optimized for the modern web, your customers will be able to discover you more easily.

Monthly SEO Ranking Reports

Our Monthly SEO Ranking Reports give you important insight into how your website is being discovered, and areas to improve your visibility. By comparing your keyword search rankings to your website traffic trends, you get a clear picture of the driving forces behind your business and what your customers are looking for.

Business Listings with Google My Business

If you’re a business hoping to be discovered through search engines, your internet business listing is often the first interaction your customers will have with you. If your listing lacks information your customers need, or if you don’t have a listing at all, it could result in a lost sale. ITI can create or review a Google My Business listing for you, to make sure it includes all the important information in making a great first impression.

Advertising Campaigns with Google Ads

Google Ads has grown into an effective advertising platform, and is capable of reaching 90% of internet users worldwide. With Google Ads, you are in control of the keywords and locations you wish to target, and how much you want to spend on a day-to-day basis. With Google Ads campaigns from ITI, you will receive reports on the progress of your campaigns and suggestions for improvements along the way.

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Premium Anti-SPAM

We now offer a premium anti-SPAM service for your WordPress website forms. It eliminates the need for Captcha. Captcha is often criticized for the irritation and difficulty it bring to users. It is time-consuming, can fail in certain browsers and can be difficult to read, especially for those with disabilities. User experience is an extremely important factor when maintaining a great and optimized website. This service allows you to make the user experience better while also protecting yourself.


The service’s main function is protect your site from SPAM attacks across various sections on your website. It stops SPAM in contact forms, comments, registrations, contact emails, orders, bookings, subscriptions, surveys, polls, in widgets, in Search Form and in WooCommerce.

It also can check and remove any existing SPAM comments and users. It includes real-time email validation and will block disposable & temporary emails.


This premium software is compatible across several  devices, including mobile. It is also compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU).

SEO Benefit

The less SPAM you have on your website, the less likely it is for Google to penalize you. In using this service to block SPAM, it may give you an SEO boost.

This service can be added to your site for a low annual fee.

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