You Might Want to Consider Changing Your Twitter Password Right Away

Twitter is recommending that all 330+ million of its users change their account passwords out of an “abundance of caution.” This includes the Twitter app itself, along with any third-party apps associated with it. Even though the investigation performed by the company showed no evidence of any breach or misuse of customer information, password changes are still being urged.

Twitter uses a hashtag masking process that masks passwords by replacing them with a string of random characters and storing them in Twitter’s database. This current scare is the result of a database error, which saw user passwords being stored as plain text instead of masked strings on the company’s internal log. Twitter has since said that they found the bug on their own and removed the associated passwords. The company is currently working to ensure that this issue is never repeated, along with any similar issues.

Twitter has not revealed how many passwords were compromised, but the fact that it is urging its entire userbase to change their passwords is a good indication that it was a fairly substantial amount in the least.