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Increasing website security with HTTPS and CAPTCHA

Increasing website security with HTTPS and CAPTCHA Google has taken great steps in 2018 to advance the web security of its products. An update to their popular Chrome web browser in July of 2018 began marking all websites without HTTPS encryption as “Not Secure.” If your website has been affected by this change, you must adopt HTTPS encryption (also known as a secure sockets layer, or SSL). By installing HTTPS encryption, you will also enjoy these benefits: Prevent Hackers and Information Leaks: Having an HTTPS certificate installed helps keep hackers at bay and ensures your user’s information stays safe. Increase Visibility: Google
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Security Insurance Savings

Security Insurance Savings FBI statistics for 2013 indicate a burglary occurs approximately every 16 seconds in the U.S., and homes with a security system are three times less likely to be burglarized than homes that do not have security systems. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) a structure fire was reported every 65 seconds in 2013 with $9.5 billion dollars in property loss reported, 2,855 civilian deaths and 14,075 civilian injuries. Indiana Technical Installations suggests homeowners take advantage of a monitored home security system for fire and intrusion.  The safety features and peace of mind provided are priceless.
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